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Assam TET 2019 : How To Upload/ Update Your Application Form ?

How To Upload/ Update Your Application Form ?

 Assam TET 2019 Update : Empowered Committee on Elementary TET, Government of Assam has released a notification regarding updation or uploading of documents for those candidates who submitted Assam TET 2019 on-line application as * pursuing professional course (B.Ed/D.ELEd).

More Details is below provided:-

What documents need to upload?

Following documents are to be uploaded:

a. Date of Admission in professional course ( B.Ed/D.EI.Ed)

b. Name of Institution where pursuing the professional course ( B.Ed/D.EI.Ed)

c. Mode of professional course( B.Ed/D.EI.Ed) : Regular or ODL

d. Image of self attested Admission receipt with seal of the Institution where pursuing the professional course ( B.Ed/D.ELEd)

How to upload?
They have to upload/update their Application Form with the help of their Application Number and Password within the above mentioned period, i.e., from 19th September, 2019 to 27th September, 2019.

When to upload the documents?

Important Date
Candidates need to upload above documents from 19th September, 2019 to 27th September, 2019.

Important Link to upload documents:

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